A reaction that occurs when an element is in contact with oxygen. Often metals develop an ‘OXIDE’ coating with time creating an uneven looking surface. Combined with water the metal will ‘Oxide’ further and turn into corrosion.

With this collection Rêveur Lucide develops dyes inspired from oxidized elements and explores the themes of scientific research with motifs developed for the collection such as the ‘Tools’ graphic where the tailoring equipment from the ‘Atelier De Belair’ is scanned and arranged to create a repeated pattern. The collection not only analyses the tools necessary for creation but through a graphic the ‘Plant’ known as the ‘Calea zacatechichi’ it is native to Central America and Mexico, found to have virtues of enhancing lucid dreams when brewed as a tea.

This season the brand expands its collection adding numerous new styles and a pair of innovative 3D printed Glasses. From laser etching to Co2 dye techniques the brand explores new methods of creation through each and every piece.

Rêveur Lucide creates and manufactures in its newly founded atelier in Paris, France. This collection is the result of expanding horizons and working directly with specialized individuals for each and every step the garments go through. We are confident that our workforce, which is composed from a diverse cohort of individuals, is a differentiating factor in our creative process found this season.

Inspired by lucid dreams, the brand is founded around the human ability to have control over one’s own decisions, the ‘Lucid Dreamer’ creates with the ability to perceive things, events in the future or beyond normality. With garment construction, the goal is to create contemporary functional pieces through a local and sustainable manufacturing, using high-end materials and modern craftsmanship. Designed by Victor Pellerin, the brand presents full mens collections that seek to unite technical innovation with human emotion. Founded in Los Angeles and relocated to France, Pellerin combines the influences of his past years in California with his commitment to detail, innovation and desire to push new ideas forward.